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Vine covered window in Dun Robin Castle Grounds , Scotland
Hiking the West side of Orkney mainland
Catching Lobsters in the Orkney Islands, Scotland

For my entire life

I have had a desire to travel.

As a child I would ‘fake sick’ every time I spent the night at a friends house, so naturally my parents took a bit of humour when I stubbornly told them I would to go to university in another state. However in 2010 I stuffed my car, leaving the colorful state of Colorado for Ashland, Oregon.

At Southern Oregon University I competed with the women’s soccer team, nerded out over biochemistry and worked at a winery. It was a wonderful 4 years where I made amazing friends, met a handsome wrestler and started a journey of self-growth and exploration of Oregon’s beauty.

For the final semester of university I ‘studied’ abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I lived with a lovely family, got a glimpse of South America’s beauty and ate too much red meat and red wine, while falling in love with tango and CastellaƱo.

This is when Siempre, Sydney was born. Started simply as an avenue to document and share experiences with loved ones back home, it turned into an all-consuming passion. Writing, photographing and sharing the incredible places I had the opportunity to experience filled me with joy and excitement.

Returning from Argentina, I knew my time in the States was limited – I had caught the inevitable travel bug. Dalton (the handsome wrestler mentioned above), was looking into Physical Therapy Masters programs abroad and stumbled on a course in Scotland…. We were sold.

Dalton and I live in Aberdeen, on the North East coast of Scotland. In between our furious travels, he studies and I work for BrewDog, managing the brewery tours and coordinating events for the local bar.

Travel. Inspiration. Advice learned along the way.

Join me on this journey of discovery, love, excitement and learning how to navigate life – no matter the location.

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