Wild Car Camp in Scotland – How To Video Guide

Wild Camping: A phenomenon in Scotland that allows people to camp, for free, on most all unenclosed land.

Hit the road, not a care about lodging, sleeping in the great outdoors and save some cash. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Wild camping has been an amazing experience for us here in Scotland. Whether it’s in a tent or just in our car, it has definitely added to the flexibility, spontaneity and ruggedness of our Scottish adventures. We’ve found some AMAZING spots in Oban, Glencoe and Isle of Skye. (Oban is my personal fav – peaceful, isolated view looking over the entire city & harbour… Take me back!)

Being it’s Scotland, rain is a common thing and not sure about you – but I really enjoy staying dry while I sleep. So being able to convert our tiny VW Polo into a campsite has saved us many a wet night on the road. However before we moved here if someone had mentioned the words “wild camping” to me, I would have assumed it was some sort of ‘extreme camping’ and would have no idea where to start!

Here’s our guide on how to Wild Car Camp in Scotland

Just don’t forget to get all the items on your Wild Car Camping Checklist:

– A Car
– Air Mattress
Portable Air Pump
– Tarp/Thick blanket for underneath Air Mattress
– Blankets + Pillow
– A Sense of Adventure

Top Tips:

– Put a tarp under your air mattress to protect it
– Find a remote spot (you’ll sleep better)
– Crack the windows
– Bring beer (craft) or wine
– Foot air pumps are great

What did we forget?

Any top tips or recommendations? Share your favourite wild camping spots or stories!




Wild Car Camping in Scotland How to Video

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