The Joys of Imperfection

Sunrise harbor boats Aberdeen


That is the feeling I am finally starting to know here in Scotland. For whatever reason it never crossed my mind all of the hoops you have to jump through after you move to a new country. Funny looking back as it seems like that should be quite obvious.

This was the very first morning that Dalton and I woke up in our very own apartment. What an incredible feeling. We opened our sleepy eyes, snuggled up under our new coverless duvet in our new (to us) comfy bed. Slowly I shuffled into the kitchen and made a cup of instant coffee with the electric kettle that seems to be a necessary appliance in every apartment. Holding my steaming mug I made my way into the living room smiling as I looked out of the massive windows that soak up every ounce of the beautiful Scottish sunshine.

Nothings perfect. The mattress springs don’t like to be ignored and the instant coffee tastes about as cheap as it cost. The floor boards don’t quite all fit together and we still need a sponge and dish soap. But none of that really matters because it is our new home, and that in itself makes it perfect.

We live right on the harbor, the seagulls are constantly squawking and you can hear a ship’s horn every so often. Our street is made of cobblestones and our building from the classic, beautiful granite that makes Aberdeen so gray. Right outside our doorstep are eclectic cafes, delicious restaurants, fun music venues and our gym.

We have functional bank accounts, my national insurance number application is submitted, our wi-fi is in the works and I have a job interview next week. Everything is coming together, the loose ends are slowly being tied. This desire to be grounded and the goal of ‘completeness’ are finally in sight.

My heart is light and content. Oh the joyous experience of getting settled.

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  1. Eric February 10, 2016 at 4:31 pm - Reply

    Sweet Syd!! Great post. I want to do what you are doing!! Love ya tons.

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