A Post Graduation Reflection – Lessons + Gratitude


I can’t still quite fathom it nor has it hit me, but I am officially finished with my undergraduate education at SOU.

For the past 4 and a half years, I have made SOU, Ashland and Oregon my home. I have made life-long friends and truly created a community that represents a sense of comfort and belonging. Graduating with a bachelors of science in biochemistry, a minor in spanish, competing in four years of collegiate soccer finishing as a captain and all-american, getting a awesome college job working at a winery, and meeting amazing people along the way; I can’t look back on my college career with to many regrets.

I have learned so much here. The saying you need to go through the rain to see the rainbows is true. Although my struggles here have been quite minor to “true” struggles out in the world I will walk away from here a much stronger person than when I came. I have had some of the worst AND some of the best roommates. I recognize now situations that before would have disappointed me and am able to see their positive aspects knowing how much worse it has been. I learned that sometimes you need to separate yourself from the “popular” thing to be happier. My junior year I decided to not live with girls on the soccer team, a scary decision to make, but my happiness with my life and my relationship with my team grew so much afterwards. I learned (although definitely some work to still be done here) how to be competitive but without the bite in the ass that usually pairs with it. I have learned how to be a better friend, better girlfriend, and most importantly how to depend on myself instead of others for my happiness (still working on that one too… but I AM getting better 🙂 )

But, college is a place, for well, college. As grateful as I am for all I have learned, people I have met, and experiences I have had , college does end and right around that corner are the most exciting, scary, and nerve racking possibilities. Life is truly your oyster.

The same day I finished my last final at SOU, I bought my ticket for Costa Rica and Argentina. In 2 months I will be moving to Argentina for 6 months, taking classes, living with a host family, and learning spanish. I have such an awesome opportunity at my fingertips and I am terrified. It is all becoming so real and coming up so quickly. I am back and forth between of emotions of  dying to get there and hoping that the moment I board that plane never happens. Change is hard. But change is what makes us stronger and creates moments that you never forget.

So here is to Ashland and the people I met . Here is to the moments I will never forget and the invaluable lessons I learned. But here is to the future and the adventure it will bring. Let positivity guide me and make the best out of whatever life might throw at me 🙂

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