Although it’s a bit overdone to post to the Internet what you’re thankful for, it’s this tradition of giving thanks that makes this holiday so special.

Once I watched a video stating a simple way to be happy was to give thanks. Each person in the study

  • Told the camera about someone they were thankful for
  • Wrote that person a letter telling them why
  • Then called that person and read them the letter over the phone.

Every subject reported an increased level of happiness after making the phone call.

Isn’t that interesting? That the act of going out of YOUR way to tell SOMEONE ELSE the things you appreciate that THEY DO, will actually make YOU happier?

Besides, who doesn’t feel happy when someone tells you why they’re grateful for you?!

So essentially we can just think of Thanksgiving as a day of happiness, one where we eat delicious food, spend time with our loved ones and increase our happiness by giving and receiving thanks. What’s not awesome about that?

This year I joined Dalton’s family. Although I did miss my family and our traditional snowy cabin Thanksgiving, I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

We prepped our stomachs by running a Turkey Trot then headed back to the house to start cooking. Dalton and I were an efficient machine in the kitchen; whipping out a pecan pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies and green bean casserole in about 2 hours. Of course, fueled by delicious Bloody Marys.

Our Thanksgiving meal (containing enough food to feed an NFL team) was at his brother’s house, where we played Cards Against Humanity before heading out for a little Black Friday Shopping. Coming home with some goodies, I can’t remember the last time I have been so exhausted.

However before the week is through I want to give my thanks. This year was truly incredible and all because of the people that were a part of it.

Jellyfish at Tour de Fat

Dalton – How did I get so lucky! You are the most loving, kind and compassionate person I know. Thank you for not only supporting me on my adventure abroad, but for also being excited about it. From working out with me everyday to preparing for our upcoming journey, you somehow make everyday special.

49ers vs. Broncos

Mom & Dad – You guys are the BEST! You support me 100% in everything I do and have constantly given me incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Thank you for not only being incredible parents, but also my best friends.

Fern Canyon

Jordan – How is it that every year we grow closer?! Thank you for sharing so much of your life with me and being so supportive and interested in mine. I couldn’t ask for a nicer, more caring, fun and spontaneous partner in crime.

Kabin Work!

Our Kimball Family – I don’t understand how families like ours can exist. I am so thankful to have gotten to spend more time with you this summer and can’t tell you how much I appreciate that every time I come home, I am welcomed like I haven’t missed a day. You guys are what makes it hard to leave and always draws me home.

Dalton’s Family – Immediately you treated me like one of your own and allowed me to be part of your lives. Thank you for giving me a family here in Oregon.

I feel so blessed to have so much to be thankful for; this list could go on and on.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you take a second to think about what you’re thankful for. At the worst it’ll just make you a little bit happier 😉

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