The Toughest Question for a Long-Term Traveller

So, what do you do? Where do you live?

Honestly, these should have simple answers and up until this point in my life they did.

Usually it’s the jumbled confusing reply of ‘well, I’m from Colorado, lived in Oregon for the past five years, returned from Buenos Aires, Argentina a couple months ago, stayed at my parents house for a bit and am moving up to Lebanon, Oregon for a couple months. OH and I’ll probably be moving to Scotland here soon.’ In return I get wide eyes and an ‘oh, wow.’ If I’m feeling lazy its just a ‘I don’t really have a home.’

I’m falling in love with moving from place to place.

Each time shedding a few more of my belongings and getting a bit better of living out of a suitcase worth (okay, a TWO suitcases worth) amount of stuff.

I believe a lot of it has to do with the fact I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I’ve learned I love challenges, exceeding expectations, excelling in a new environment and testing what my intellect is capable of. Getting a degree in biochemistry was perfect; kept me on my toes, allowed for some competition and was incredibly interesting. However settling down in some 9-5 job and starting the chase of the ‘American dream’ sounds absolutely nauseating. Right now is MY time to explore, learn and see everything I possibly can. I’m putting all my bets on the hope that with time and experiences I’ll figure out or fall into a career that I am passionate about.

I’m okay with the wide-eye expressions, confusion and disbelief when people ask those simple questions. My heart is full and I know that I am following the right path for me. Unlike many people I have NO idea where this path will lead, but that isn’t to bothersome because I know that right now I feel whole and happy. That’s what is most important, right?

View from a train from Machu Picchu Peru - The Toughest Question for a Long Term Traveler

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