Womens Fantasy Football – Tips for Starting a League

Originally this post was published 2 and half years ago… Since then I’ve now competed in 3 different fantasy football seasons and look forward to this time with my girls every year. Here are some quick tips I’ve learned over the years. (Click on any links to go directly to that site!)

  1. Use ESPN.com to host your fantasy league.

    It’s free, the phone app is great and they give you so much easy to digest information at your fingertips. I joined a league on NFL and have been banging my head against the wall since.

  2. A 10-person league is a good number

  3. Make people pay to play and collect prior to the draft

    People are SO much more likely to stay interested if you make everyone pay to play in the league. Even if it’s only a $5 entry. Typically we split up winnings where 60% to 1st place, 30% to 2nd place and money back (10%) for 3rd.

  4. Put as little or as much time into as you want

    It’s hard in life to keep taking on more commitments, but don’t feel like you can’t play fantasy because you don’t have enough time.┬áHere’s the bare minimum I would recommend: do 1 or 2 mock drafts prior to draft day (just to get a feel for how it works – easy to do on ESPN.com) and then just make sure that each week your starting line up in set.

  5. Use this an excuse to spend time with your girls

    This is the best kept secret about fantasy football – it’s just an excuse to keep up with your friends, meet for a drink to watch the game and spend time together. Fantasy football is great, yeah, but the best bit is that it helps you to keep up connections & to find a bit more interest in every NFL game that you have a player in.

There ya go! Some quick tips for a womens fantasy football league. On to my 2 and half year old entry into fantasy football!

Well folks, I have decided to create a womens fantasy football league. This shall be interesting…

I have recruited a variety of other ladies with similar football knowledge as me (limited in respect to watching football and nada in respect to how fantasy football works) to play with me in the league. I originally came across the decision to make my fall more enjoyable as I know it is going to be spent at Northwest (a bar in Ashland) with Dalton and the boys watching football.. every day.. SO why not be excited about it too?

I have now done multiple mock drafts, find myself interested in hearing about players, and am starting to feel my competitive edge coming out. Other girls in the league have expressed the same things are happening to them… Team Touch my TDs has created a color coded web of players that will be suitable for the draft and Team Ballsy keeps trying to up the fee to play because she’s getting ready to take all our $$. Needless to say, I’m getting STOKED!

Draft is on Sept. 3….

Okay. enough time on here. time to do another mock draft.

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