Timberland’s – The BEST Boot for Travelling

Timberland Ankle Boots - Travel Shoe Essential Siempresydney
Timberland Ankle Boots - Travel Shoe Essential Siempresydney
Timberland boots on matted grass
Timberland Ankle Boots - Travel Shoe Essential Siempresydney
Aberdeenshire Hiking in Timberland Boots
Timberland Ankle Boots - Travel Shoe Essential Siempresydney

When travelling shoes always seem to be one of the biggest struggles. How do you find that perfect, versatile fit – comfort, stylish, practical and warm?

To be honest, I got extremely lucky and completely stumbled on these amazing boots by accident… At a charity shop! Practically brand new and only £20 – I couldn’t pass up my best thrifty find yet.

I own the Nellie Double Waterproof Ankle Boot – light brown with white trim. In regards to the photos – All of my photos are of mine, so just remember this is what they look like after a whole lot of love!

And now, I can say with utter honesty – I would happily pay full price for another pair. And here’s why:

Timberland Boots : Why I Love Them

1. Waterproof

Oh, how in Scotland is this little thing so important. I’ve hiked up and down the West coast and East coast of Scotland in these guys and my toes have never once complained of sogginess. Being Nubuk, I’m not 100% sure how that works – but it does, and very well!

The best bit? The tongue is actually connected all the way up! This ingenious design should honestly be in all shoes. It’s incredible!

2. Comfortable

So again, my Timberland boots and luck go hand in hand, and I ended up with the perfect size. After only a few days, I ended up heading on a 9-hour (naive) hiking expedition up the West side of Orkney Islands and believe it or not my feet didn’t hurt at all by the end.

They have a very flat base (no arch), a slight weight and I (personally) find them as one of my most comfortable shoes.

3. Stylish

I was definitely behind-the-times when it came to the Timberland boot style! It’s amazing – you can wear them out on a morning hike and come back to wander the city with a slight outfit change. AND everyone else around seems to be  wearing their (slightly more pristine) Timberland’s as well!

The fact you can go from outdoor sport to cute city wear without changing shoes is in my mind a complete goldmine! (And I think I may have found another pair of boots that fit this bill, Blundstone’s! Review to come after I’ve had a bit more time to wear them!) 

4. Easy to Clean

Water droplets leave marks in the suede after they dry – which at first had me quite worried. However bravely one day I took a wet towel, gently wiped them down and as they dried, my clean boots were once again revealed!

Yes, the water drop stains can be quite annoying (and from what I hear online try very hard to avoid oil!), however the fact that they can clean so easily are a huge plus!

To be fair…

Nothing comes without a few things that aren’t so amazing, so here are my few (weak) complaints:

Temporary water stains happen often

Easy to clean is the pro, but it can be a bit annoying of how easily water can leave a mark. But a quick trip to the bathroom and wipe with a towel and you’re good to go. However obviously it would be better if that never happened.

There isn’t tons of arch support

No thick squishy arch support – which for me actually isn’t a con. However if you’re feet need that support you won’t find it in the boot. They’re definitely spacious enough to insert a plastic arch support or add some cushy lining inside (if you’re into that sort of thing)…

Wrap It Up

So as you can tell, I LOVE my Timberlands. They’ve honestly been a life saver in this damp, outdoorsy Scottish lifestyle, while still appropriate to wear to work and around town (while geting compliments)! I’m super happy these fell into my life & will 100% buy another pair once I wear these guys to the ground (which don’t see happening anytime soon).

Click here to take a look at some Timberland’s that might be exactly what you’re looking for!

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