Scotland Burn’s Night Vlog – Ceilidh + Supper

If any of you have interacted with me within the last year, it is very probable the term ceilidh has come up and I have gushed over you with excitement.

Because to be honest, I really love ceilidhs.

Scottish group folk dancing with a live ceilidh band, typically including a fiddle, piano, accordion and bagpipes. Scot’s are taught the dances in secondary school (high school) and a ceilidh is an evening where people of all ages come together to dance, drink and have a stellar time. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the wonder of my very first Scottish ceilidh.

I also am a huge fan of cultural traditions. Ever want me to join you somewhere? Just hint that it’s a cultural thing and I will be there.

So, let’s combine the two – a cultural tradition + a ceilidh (which I guess is also a cultural tradition, but a really, really cool one – and in Scotland you get Burn’s Night. 

An evening with traditional Scottish foods (haggis, neeps & tatties, anyone?), whisky, poems (literally an Address to the Haggis) and a ceilidh. Also known as my expat heaven.

However sometimes these events are so much better seen, therefore let me bring you along.

Burn’s Week in Scotland – Burn’s Supper + Ceilidh

We start with a brief intro about what is Burn’s Night, onto an amazing 3-course beer-paired traditional Scottish dinner and finish with an epic ceilidh with the Ru4Reel Ceilidh band! All of this took place at UnderDog Aberdeen, a venue in association with BrewDog.

And to be honest, the goofiest part of all of this is that I work for BrewDog and organised much of this event (to be specific, the ceilidh)… So now you know the true extent of my ceilidh love – I’m an American organizing them in North East Scotland!

Hope you enjoy and get a glimpse of the greatness that is Burn’s Night in Scotland!

Please let me know what you think! Leave a comment below with your thoughts (or with any really unmissable ceilidh’s in Scotland)!

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Burn's Night in Scotland - Dinner + Ceilidh

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