Best Places to Visit in Glasgow, Scotland


I made my first TRAVEL VLOG!

If you remember from my Things I’m Afraid to Tell You post for the New Year – I mentioned that getting into video a bit more for 2017 is a big priority. I am so pleased and excited to say that I did the hardest step – I filmed!

So here it is –

Our whirlwind weekend trip to Glasgow

Hopefully you can get an idea of how amazing the city is OR pull some ideas for an upcoming trip!

Below you’ll find a list of the places shown in the video with links, addresses & a few notes !



p.s. I would love any and all feedback on the video, blog post layout, etc! So please leave a comment below or send me a note!


Things to Do + See

The Barras Market (0:45)

Merchant City – 64 Moncur Street, G40 2SL (Weekends)

An ex-Glaswegian friend who shares my love for thrifting told me that a trip to Glasgow would be incomplete without a trip to the famed “Barrowland.” I don’t know if I have ever seen so much stuff together in one place and now am 100% confident I would be able to move to Glasgow & decorate my entire flat for less than £100.

Glasgow Green (1:09)

Merchant City – G1 5DB

Massive, beautiful park. Stunning fountain and the People’s Palace. Would love to take a wander through the green houses there. Would be a great venue for an event!

Kelvingrove Park (3:07)

Westend – G3 6BY

A much more interesting park than the Glasgow Green. Nice river walks and fantastic buildings line both ends. Plus they were shredding all the christmas trees, so it smelled amazing!

Kelvingrove Art Gallery + Museum (3:42)

Westend – G3 6BY

The Kelvingrove Museum was the number one thing people recommended for us to do in Glasgow. It is a museum about, well, everything. Glasgow’s history, animals, ancient Egypt, art and even a HAGGIS! I’m pretty sure they’re the only museum in the world that has one on display. Really neat museum, we were not disappointed!

The Lighthouse (4:09)

City Centre – 11 Mitchell Lane, G1 3NU

Although an art gallery, we really just visited The Lighthouse to check out the view over the city from the top. It was quite spectacular with floor to ceiling windows showing off Glasgow from up high.

Glasgow Graffiti (4:30)

Throughout the city

As we were wandering the city we kept coming across expansive, stunning murals hidden in alleyways and on the backs of unsuspecting buildings. It was such a treat! Next time I would go on the graffiti walk as it would be such a fun, entertaining and rewarding way to experience the city.

Glasgow Cathedral (4:53)

Merchant City – Castle St, G4 0QZ

An impressive building inside and out. The best was walking through the cloisters under the main floor and seeing St. Mungo’s tomb.

Necropolis (5:21)

Merchant City – Castle St, G4 0UZ

Please visit this place! It was like Scottish version of Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires. A nice short walk to the top, you could spend hours wandering and looking that the multitude of gravestones. Great views over the city.

George Square (6:39)

City Centre – G2 1DY

Last stop before catching the bus back was at the Glasgow City Centre hub, George Square. Definitely not the most impressive central square I’ve witnessed in Europe (Brussels I’m looking at you!), however still a nice square to walk through.

Food + Cafes

The Blue Chair  (0:26)

 Merchant City – 85 High Street, G1 1NB

£9 for 2 hot filled rolls + coffees … Need I say more?!

Super cute cafe, really nice staff & was honestly the perfect first stop in Glasgow.

Loch Fyne (1:01)

Merchant City (entrance to The Barras) – 192 London St, G40 1PB

Hilarious little place. Ate some crab leg sticks (very interesting…) but would love to go back and try their house speciality – Mussels! Really quite funny. I would go very open-minded.

The Hidden Lane Tearoom (2:12)

Westend – 1103 Argyle St, G3 8ND

Sadly we didn’t get to try any of the scrumptious treats or tea as it was totally packed! However it was too cute and too highly recommended by so many people not to include. I would encourage you to try, but just be okay waiting for a wee while need be!

Tantrum Donuts (2:17)

Westend – 83 Old Dumbarton Rd, G3 8RD

So we may have spent a good portion of our time in Glasgow cafe hopping (while stuffing our faces with amazing food and sweets). But Tantrum was worth the calories. Super cute & tiny with fresh, hand-crafted donuts and (wait for it…) BUTTER BEER! So of course we each got a donut and some butter beer – everything was super tasty. Such a fun little stop – thanks Lynne for the recommendation!

Mother India’s Cafe (2:36)

Westend – 1355 Argyle Street, G3 8AD

Not sure about you, but when I eat Indian food I force everyone at the table to share so I can try everything. Mother India’s Cafe solved this problem for me by serving their food tapas style! Small portions of deliciousness – cannot wait to eat here again next time in Glasgow.

The Steamie (2:57)

Westend – 1024 Argyle Street, G3 8LX

SUCH a cute place. Really just stumbled on it and stopped in for a breakfast and coffee. A tad more pricey, but worth it. Would definitely frequent The Steamie often as a resident Glaswegian.

Roast (3:26)

Westend – 1299 Argyle Street, G3 8TL

Decently cute place – loved the cow wallpaper. Serves Dear Green coffee, which I love! Great stop to warm up and relax until the Kelvingrove museum opened.

BrewDog DogHouse (4:22)

Merchant City – 99 Hutcheson St, G1 1SN

Of course we couldn’t go to Glasgow without visiting the BrewDog’s. Having only heard great things about DogHouse we enjoyed a mouth-watering meaty lunch. Pulled pork, brisket, cornbread, potato salad the works. And, as always, great beer! Would definitely re-visit upon returning to the city!

Drink + Breweries

(Because they should receive their own category… right?)

WEST Brewery (1:29)

Merchant City (end of Glasgow Green) – 4 Binnie Pl, G40 1AW


Love their mantra – German Head. Glaswegian Heart. They follow all the German brewing rules, but add their own Scottish twist.

Really stunning building with a fun ambiance. Bar staff were lovely (you should have seen the size of the tasters they gave us) and ended up letting us crash a private brewery tour! Super informative tour (however may have been due to it being private). Will keep my eyes peeled for their beer now!

Brel (2:47)

West end – Ashtyn Lane, G12 8SJ

A Belgian beer bar and restaurant. Beautiful outdoor patio with heating as well as great ambiance inside. The food smelled amazing. Located on Ashtyn Lane which is most definitely worth a visit on it’s own.

Oran Mor (2:50)

West end – Byres Road, G12 8QX

Big cathedral type building with the inside converted into a bar (classic Scotland). Live music and really neat interior.

BrewDog DogHouse (4:22)

Merchant City – 99 Hutcheson St, G1 1SN

Beer + BBQ… What more do you want?

Drygate Brewing Co (6:11)

Merchant City – 85 Drygate, G4 0UT

I’ve never known quite what to think about Drygate due to being partly owned by Tennet’s. However we LOVED the taproom. Such a great place to sit, drink, eat and watch the brewers working on the other side of the big glass wall (poor brewers)! We spent a few hours here relaxing and playing cards while waiting for our bus. Would be happy to return next time!

Places to visit in Glasgow Scotland view from Necropolis

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  1. Lynne Campbell January 25, 2017 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    Hey Syd! This is really good! I mean it’s about Glasgow and I love Glasgow so I’m biased of course being from there-abouts, but I really enjoyed it! The world of v-logging is pretty unknown to me except for hairdo tutorials on YouTube, semi obscene darkly comic rap skits by John la Joie, or funny videos on how to correctly pronounce ‘pho’ – but I thought that your film was high quality, accessible, educational, well filmed and edited and actually benefitted from not being 100% super-slick because it lent it a genuine quality. You were there in it, not you playing a character (if you know what I mean). You are really such a lovely talented person! Keep it up! And yay for tantrum donuts! I’m impressed you packed so much in!

    • SiempreSydney January 26, 2017 at 8:09 am - Reply

      Hey Lynne!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a bit of feedback:) Really pleased that you enjoyed it (always the best compliment from an actual Glaswegian ha!). Haha I can only imagine the dusty corners of youtube you’re talking about!
      I couldn’t quite believe how much we did. One of those things where someone asks you at the end of the day what you’ve done & you start listening to yourself speak and can’t believe how much is coming out!
      Hope to see you again soon – would LOVE to find a way to catch those dolphins on film 😉

  2. Julianne at It's Five O'Clock Here January 30, 2017 at 3:13 am - Reply

    How fun! I loved the music in your vlog. 🙂 I’m actually headed to Glasgow in May, so your brewery recs are super helpful! Did you have a favorite?

    • SiempreSydney January 30, 2017 at 9:25 am - Reply

      Hey! Thanks so much 🙂
      I really thought West Brewery was cool – the building had so much character! DryGate was fun as well – the TapRoom is quite fun because you’re able to peer into the brewery while you drink!

      Aside from the other bars listed in the post – another place we really wanted to visit, but never got a chance was Flat 0/1 as it’s supposed to feel exactly like a flat, but it’s a bar! Ha!

      Also you must visit Ashton Lane! Super beautiful (it’s where Brel was) along with loads of other fun looking pubs.

      But here’s the rest of the recommendations we received that we weren’t able to visit:
      – Shilla (Korean Food)
      – Hillhead Bookclub
      – The 78 (Vegan + Jazz on Sunday Night)
      – Nice n’ Sleazy
      – Broadcast (both of these are more party places)
      – Mono (Vegan + Record shop)
      – Stereo (Pub, Vegan, nice downstairs)
      – King Tuts (concerts)
      – Buff Club/Butterfly & the Pig (good music + gigs)
      – Inn Deep (nice pub by river)
      – Tchai-Ovna (good hippie tea)
      – Stravaign (Scottish food!)

      We had a couchsurfer (now friend) who stayed with us who lived in Glasgow for a few years and gave us the BIGGEST list of her fav places! So now we have to go back & see the rest of them. Let me know how you get on! We LOVED Glasgow! 🙂 xx

  3. Tilly Horseman May 22, 2017 at 2:36 pm - Reply

    Great vlog! I’ve been to Glasgow twice now and fell in love with the city! Your video brings back so many memories as I went to nearly all the same places! Including Brewhouse Dog House… love the beer! I mean, I’m a massive afternoon tea fanatic, but it’d be even better if I could pair it with one of my fave bitters! Gosh, the aft tea community would lynch me for saying that, lol… If you get down to Northern England – Yorkshire and Cumbria, I could Defo introduce you to some great breweries! And it’s always great to meet fellow bloggers with similar interests.
    Well done on venturing in to the video side of things. I enjoyed this one. Aren’t the graffiti in Glasgow superb?! My fave was the guy with the robin too! Epic artwork! Look forward to reading more of your blog! Found you through EatSleepLoveTravel interview – thought you’d appreciate knowing where the interest in your blog came from. 🙂

    • SiempreSydney July 2, 2017 at 9:45 am - Reply

      Tilly! I am so sorry – I have no idea how I missed this!! Thank you SO much for your comment 🙂 Would love to take you up on some brewery exploration in Northern England! What are your favourite ones?
      The graffiti is amazing – takes your breath away when you stumble on it around a corner! We live up in Aberdeen & they just had the NUART festival up here & it’s great – we have a couple big pieces that are great. Really adds something to the city.

      Thanks for letting me know how you got here. Definitely great to know. EatSleepLoveTravel do great stuff 🙂

      Have you visited Isle of Skye? I’d love your feedback on the vlog we made from there!

      Excited to go & check out your site! Thanks again for watching & leaving a note. xx

      • Tilly Horseman July 14, 2017 at 1:57 pm - Reply

        My fave breweries would probably have to be Jennings in Cockermouth, Cumbria and Black Sheep in Masham, Yorkshire Dales! Both excellent! But I’m Defo a massive fan of Black Sheep…we have a couple of local Cheshire microbreweries which are great too.

        I love Aberdeen. I have a friend who lives up there so I’ve visited a few times over the years! The festival sounds interesting. Not heard of it before.

        Have not been to the Isle of Skye, no…. have just watched your vlog and left you a comment… the closest I got was the Isle of Arran, which was probably my favourite foray into Scotland. What a stunning island…Scotland in miniature! It’s 10 years ago since I was there. I desperately want to go back! But there’s so many other places that keep taking priority…. so many places, not enough time!

        Am loving your videos! Keep up the good work!
        Tilly xx

        • SiempreSydney July 23, 2017 at 11:57 am - Reply

          Thanks Tilly!
          I’m adding all those breweries to my list now – thank you. A big whirlwind full U.K. trip is in the works for the near future & I’ll definitely try to check them out!
          Yes – exactly regarding the weather. Don’t think it would be a real trip to Isle of Skye without a good rainstorm 🙂
          Are you based in the U.K.? I’m uploading my most recent vlog & it’s a quick trip we did with DFDS Seaways from Newcastle to Amsterdam. If you’re able to & have a free weekend, I’d 100% recommend it!
          Thanks again for your comments, I’m excited to keep following your adventures <3

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