Spouting Rock Hike (also known as Hanging Lake)

Spouting Rock Hike - Glen Canyon Colorado

The infamous hike; every website filled with warnings of overfull parking lots, packed hiking trails and the being part of the tourist train. However I was undeterred –

As a Colorado native it was necessary I see this notorious lake with my own two eyes.

Being the middle of the week Dalton and I thought we might have luck of beating the crowds. After a slight detour through Glenwood Springs, thanks to the major reconstruction on i-80, our notions were confirmed; plenty of spaces in the parking lot.

Glen Canyon Colorado - Hanging Lake + Spouting Rock Hike

With the warm sun on our backs we pleasantly strolled the paved path down the canyon to reach the trailhead.

Glen Canyon is breathtaking.

Giant canyon walls towering above a beautiful flowing river, the red dirt filling in the spots between the green trees and plants – alone a destination worth traveling to.

As promised the trail started out steep and rocky. Our legs were burning quickly and sweat started trickling, but we surged forward excited to reach our destination. The short 1.2-mile hike took us about 30 minutes, crisscrossing bridges, climbing over boulders and dodging other hikers coming down.

Near the top, after admiring sweeping views of the canyon, we branched off taking the lesser walked trailhead to Spouting Rock.

Spouting Rock

The short walk to the bizarre waterfall was more than worth it. Rushing water materialized out of an invisible hole, high above in the rocks. Looking a bit like a waterfall that lost the stream that fed it.

Hanging Lake

Back on the main trail we rounded one more corner and there she was, shining in all her splendor. The beautiful turquoise crystal clear water gave way to everything swimming or resting below. A majestic wide waterfall in the back was covered in lime green moss and fallen trees, water lazily falling over the edge.

Opening our sack lunches, we relaxed in the shade enjoying the pristine oasis that Mother Nature had created in the middle of the mountains. No swimming or dogs were allowed, protecting the fragile and unique ecosystem.

One of those many moments you experience in nature, where the only thing you can do is let yourself soak in the astonishment that lies in front of you.

Spouting Rock Hike AKA Hanging Lake Hike Glen Canyon Colorado

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