DFDS Seaways Mini Cruise – Amsterdam or Haarlem ?

Ferry or Cruise?

Haarlem or Amsterdam?

We were totally unsure what to expect as we embarked on the Amsterdam Mini Cruise with DFDS Seaways. Departing from Newcastle, England it was an overnight trip to IJmuiden, Netherlands with the promise of spending a day in Amsterdam before heading back towards the U.K. that night.

Thanks to an ItIsOn voucher we got super cheap tickets & it was an adventure that we just couldn’t turn down!

However as we had visited Amsterdam before (and absolutely loved it – check out the secrets to falling in love with Amsterdam here!) we decided to pull a little reversal and explore the city of Haarlem instead!

Was Haarlem worth the visit?

Give it a watch & let me know in the comments!

p.s. Links to all the places visited are below!


0:00 DFDS Seaways Mini Cruise 

Want to check out the Amsterdam Mini Cruise for yourself? More info can be found here! However be sure to check ItIsOn to see if they have a cheaper voucher.

Note that this was not written in collaboration with DFDS Seaways – I will not profit at all if you decide to go on this Mini Cruise! 

2:14 Bus Info / IJmuiden to Haarlem

My fav public transport website is Rome2Rio – it provides loads of information regarding transport options, times & walking directions. We took Bus #75 at the Zwaanstraat Stop into Haarlem, this was about a 3/4 mile walk from the Ferry terminal. Cost was about 5 Euro roundtrip per person.

2:34 By Lima Cafe

Ziljstraat 65, 2011 TL 

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say enough good things about this spot – I absolutely LOVED it. Amazing, healthy, local food. Beautiful decor. Delicious coffee. Great windows for people (bike) watching.

Definitely make By Lima a priority when in Haarlem!

2:48 Grote Kerk

Grote Markt 22, 2011 RD

Beautiful church in the beautiful central square of Haarlem. Would love to return & check out the inside

2:52 Kaashuis Tromp Cheese Shop

Barteljorisstraat 11, 2011 RA

Getting cheese while in the Netherlands is a must. The end.

I believe Kaashuis Tromp is a chain – would be worth doing a bit more research to see if there’s an amazing local one hidden in the city!

3:01 Jopenkerk Haarlem Brewery

Gedempte Voldersgracht 2, 2011 WB

Stunning copper brewery inside a spacious, dutch church – need I say more? Throughly enjoyed our time here hiding from the rain and watching the steam billowing from the brewhouse as we sipped on tasty beers.

3:16 Mogador Cafe

Gasthuisstraat 48, 2011 XP

What is necessary after an afternoon pint? A delicious, rich coffee. Mogador Cafe hit the spot perfectly! Wonderful space and delicious coffee.

3:28 Hofjes / Secret Walled Gardens

Sadly we weren’t able to find the entrance to many of these – but even looking for the openings was quite! Spending an afternoon seeking more of these out is something I plan to do in the future.

3:50 Bakker Van Vessem 

Barteljorisstraat 2, 2011 RB

Final stop before heading back to the bus! Tasty breads, muffins and treats. No complaints here!


With only 5 hours in Haarlem I’m sure we missed some amazing things

Have you been to Haarlem? Did we miss any amazing spots?

Also Amsterdam vs. Haarlem – Which wins?


siempre, sydney

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